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Problem mvc routes

routes.Add("BarcodeImaging", new Route("Barcode/{id}", new BarcodeImageRouteHandler())); generate barcode plus to appear the image of the barcode I insert a BarcodeImaging route, but when I have t...

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Error while converting string to QR code image

I tried to convert the following string to a QR code image: 12010A12MerchantName0B02360C04City0D03NIG0E03NGNE109PairingIdE2208/6/2017 11:23:03 AMA117TransactionAmountA301NA507AddressA9049E0D but...

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ActionLink doesn't work when I use zen barcode framework

I'm using zen barcode framework in a MVC 5 application. I have added Zen Barcode Rendering Framework by NuGet. I have changed my router as routes.IgnoreRoute("{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}"); ...

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A text contains colon(:) character is not generating a barcode

Hi I have tried to render QR code with URL, but it didn't generate a barcode inBarcodeLabel control. I tested with each character and it turned out colon(:) character caused this. Please find a f...

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Password protected source code

When downloading the source code and trying to compile, I get the following: Cannot import the following key file: BarcodeRender.pfx. The key file may be password protected. To correct this, try to...

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The BarcodeDrawFactory is not thread-safe

At least one of the specific barcode draw factories are not thread safe. The static constructor performs non-synchronized operations that may cause exceptions to be thrown while building the map of...

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Code128 barcode longer than needed

I ran across two issues with the Code128 code that decides which code set to use. 1) It would be nice to have some way of asking the library to tell you how many barcode characters it will use for ...

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Issue in generating barcode for Ean 13 and Ean 8 barcodes

When I downloaded the project and ran the sample mvc Site it does not find any zen reference. So I commented it and tried running it once. It runs for all other bar codes except Ean 13 and 8. I am ...

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How to allow comma(,) and white space in barcode label text.?

Hi All, Please resolve my issue how i can use label text to print as barcode image using zen.barcode dlls? for ex. my label text is: "12308246000 R001 05 1,200 00" Thanks in Advance

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Code 128 rendered barcode with missing characters

Hi there, I was trying to encode the following string... +|14890|NA2|2220148|11949003036872 when i scanned the barcode, it resulted in... +|14890|A2|2220148|11949003036872 On another occasion,...

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