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Project Description
The bar-code rendering framework quite simply encapsulates the native rendering of barcode symbologies without requiring third-party fonts.

The framework makes it easy to define new symbologies and use the resultant images from web or forms applications in a variety of usage scenarios.

Currently supported bar-code symbologies;

  • Code 11 with or without checksum
  • Code 25 standard/interleaved with or without checksum
  • Code 39 with or without checksum
  • Code 93 with checksum only
  • Code 128 with checksum only
  • Code EAN 13 with checksum only
  • Code EAN 8 with checksum only
  • Code PDF417 2D (still alpha – still broken)
  • Code QR 2D (new)

A sample web application is included to demonstrate usage of the rendering classes from a web environment - it's still rather simple though!

Support for embedding barcodes directly into SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services reports.

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