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any chance of some documentation?

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Feb 17, 2015 at 10:41 AM
Edited Feb 17, 2015 at 2:11 PM
i mean....ANY documentation

for example, i have a project that is throwing an IndexOutOfRangeException trying to draw a qr code, but it only fails SOMETIMES.

all i can tell you is that the stack trace is failing at a call to : Zen.Barcode.CodeQrBarcodeDraw.QRCodeEncoder.divideDataBy8Bits(Int32[] data, SByte[] bits, Int32 maxDataCodewords)

but then, it's not TOO surprising as i have had to purely guess how to use the entire framework. Even the methods and parameters are not commented.

what is a BarcodeMetricsQr object? (I only found that object in the first place by looking at the available over-rides)

What does the maxBarHeight parameter change? how does the scale value alter things? Eg, if i need an image of 300px , what values do i put in to Draw? Because it sure isn't size:300 , scale = 1

is there a maximum string length to pass in to CodeQrBarcodeDraw.Draw ?

are there any characters that aren't allowed?

who knows!

because the documentation page just points to the wikipedia page for what the various barcodes are and who invented them. Not a single sentence on how to actually use this framework.

even googling for BarcodeMetricsQr give ZERO results ( i guess that this comment may become a googlewhack)

CodeQrBarcodeDraw barcode = BarcodeDrawFactory.CodeQr;
BarcodeMetricsQr metrics = new BarcodeMetricsQr();
metrics.EncodeMode = QrEncodeMode.AlphaNumeric;
metrics.ErrorCorrection = QrErrorCorrection.Q;
metrics.Version = 2;
metrics.Scale = 1;
Image imgData = barcode.Draw(codeStr, metrics); // This fails every time so far

CodeQrBarcodeDraw barcode = BarcodeDrawFactory.CodeQr;
Image imgData = barcode.Draw(codeStr, 300, 1); // SOMETIMES this works, but generates a qr code approx 40px wide when it doesn't error

CodeQrBarcodeDraw barcode = BarcodeDrawFactory.CodeQr;
Image imgData = barcode.Draw(codeStr, 5, 5); // SOMETIMES this works and generates a code approx 500px wide

Most of the time however, i get an IndexOutOfRangeException . And no way to debug it or work out WHAT is out of range, or why.